“Professional Higher Education Accreditation – why does it matter more than ever?”

4th ASIIN/EASPA Global QA Conference in Higher Education 2017

The 4th ASIIN/EASPA Global QA Conference 2017 took place on 11 December 2017, in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf, Germany.

The 4th Global Conference on “Professional Higher Education Accreditation: Why does it matter more than ever?” united leading higher education QA experts from around the globe and presented the state of research with regard to the following topics:

  • Measuring and comparing achievement in Higher Education systems: Holy Grail or Curse?
  • Impact and value added of subject specific and professional accreditation.
  • Professional accreditation as a strategic priority in global HE and QA agendas (e.g. United States, Arab Region as well as Africa)
  • Combining professional Learning outcome based QA systems with national institutional and program accreditation schemes
  • New developments in the field of European and global disciplinary accreditation and quality assurance

On 12 December 2017 the EASPA General Assembly was organized.