International Day of Higher Education Disciplinary Quality Assurance

The year 2024 has been earmarked to rejuvenate and strategically reorient EASPA. As a first, but highly important measure, we invite all members and potential members as well as international guests from Asia, Africa and the United States to the EASPA/ASIIN International Day of Higher Education Disciplinary Quality Assurance in the city of Düsseldorf on April 8th 2024. The whole event with high calibre speakers and multiple contributions of EASPA members will be rounded off by an exciting social program.

The corresponding agenda can be found here. It provides for each EASPA organisation to be represented by one or more members with a short presentation. Subsequently, speeches on the following topics will lead to a fruitful discussion: Importance and Advantages of a Disciplinary Approach to Quality Assurance in Higher Education; How to best make use of an International field-specific assurance seal in “top-up” procedures: The European Chemistry Thematic Network Association and EASPA as promoters of excellent field-specific didactics in Higher Education: the Eurolecturer Academy as a new model; Revolutionary new ways of jointly offering & marketing continuous education of EASPA members; New models for “Testing Achieved Learning Outcomes: the case of medical education”  (suggestions for & by EASPA members) as well as News in Disciplinary Professional Quality Assurance around the Globe (Asia, Africa and United States).